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06-20-2005, 01:24 PM
I recently upgraded the front driveshaft on my 95 Disco to a stock DII double cardon driveshaft. I purchased a DC shaft off of eBay along with a spacer instead of a DII transfer case flange. Using a propshaft tool (which we sell) with an impact gun it only took a few minutes to complete the conversion.

Attached are some pics of the DS and the spacer. The DS cost me $200, the spacer was $59.95 (plus s&h) from Toddco Suspensions (http://stores.ebay.com/TODDCO-SUSPENSIONS_W0QQssPageNameZl2QQtZkm) and the propshaft tool is only $39.95 (www.4x4ag.com).

The upgrade to a DC driveshaft has helped eliminate the front driveline vibrations caused by my 3" lift.

The DII DS is not serviceable (u-joints are not greasable) so in the future I will be installing new greasable u-joints and replacing the center pin. The guys at Phillyrovers put together a list of part numbers for the u-joints and center pin:

Mike Noee posted this link (http://www.pavementsucks.com/tech/doublecardan.php.) that explains the process of replacing the u-joints and center pin.

Garrett Porterfield supplied these part numbers for the u-joints:
GMB # is 3520997
Precision is # 344
ACDelco makes one too.......#45U0168

JJ Bard supplied the part number for the center pin:
Precision #617 (cross referenced for 96 Ram 1500 4x4)

Thanks to all these guys for taking the time and doing the research.