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Thread: 200Di conversion in my 88 - got her started today!

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    Hi Rob,

    It's a TDI200 from a Disco ... turbo removed.

    Here's a link to one of the resources I referenced that led me down this path ...

    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    I read the front page of the article. I'd be curious how the compression ratio being lower for the turbo input would affect the non-turbo version. Wonder if shaving the head or changing pistons would be in order?
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    Looks like a nice clean install! Also, the "DI" is my personal favorite for a Series LR diesel transplant. Is there an aftermarket exhaust adapter available, or did you fab one up?

    Tom P.
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    Hi Tom,

    http://www.roverresource.com/ ...fab'd the exhaust downpipe.

    Steve B.
    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    Default Driving Impressions

    I got her out on the highway today after a few low speed runs on the local roads ... tonights trip included the stretch of the Route 1 bypass that led to my frustration on the rolling hills in and out of Kennett Square, PA.

    Overall - I'm very pleased with this conversion - but I'm still dealing with a bit of excess vibration at idle.

    The first thing you notice - is the engine driven vibration at idle. I used the larger motor mounts and was generous with the Dynamat. As soon as I get th tiniest bit off-idle ...the vibration disappears and she's as quiet as the 2.25 petrol.

    The second thing you notice is the torque it's exactly what I was after. This thing pulls up hills even in overdrive. Overall, it doesn't feel over powered - nice and steady. That frustrating hill that slowly ground me down to down shifting to crest at 45mph ... I passed two cars at 65 on the way up the hill. I wasn't gunning it and the other cars clearly weren't running hard either ...but it was nice to be able to pull up that hill.

    The third thing I noticed ... after, a 45 min drive up to Kennett and around some back roads. I rolled into the driveway and the Fuel Gauge hadn't moved ...easily a 2+ gallon trip with the 2.25 Petrol.

    I still need to sot out the idle 'harmonics' through the frame ... the idle is nice and smooth ..but is seems to get the Steering column and the dash vibrating to a point of displeasure. So, not perfect ... but it put a huge smile on my face tonight.

    Cheers, Steve B.
    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    Hey Steve - any updates on your conversion? I'm trying to figure out a way make a conversion happen for my 88.
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    I have managed to resolve the most annoying vibrations coming in through the Steering column and the dashboard. The Steering column issue was related to two things - (1) the rubber piece in the steering column mount at the firewall was completely deteriorated. I replaced that with fresh rubber left over from my door seal replacement, and (2) this made the biggest difference - the steering wheel was tightened down such that the spring that sits between the washer and the steering column was completely crushed down. Backing that off 2 turns dramatically reduced the vibration of the steering wheel and the dash(surprisingly). So simple - who would have thunk it. Keep in mind, that neither of these conditions created any issue with the Petrol motor.

    After resolving the biggest annoyance, others became more apparant ...the motor still sends a vibration through the frame and anything loose and metallic shook and made noise. Example: Hood support bracket (holds the hood up open) vibrated wildly and made a racket. I went through each item and installed a rubber buffer or something to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Overall, the idle vibration annoyance is 90% resolved. I'd like to smooth it out a bit more and am looking at some hydraulic puck-type motor mounts that I should be able to fit ...but, that's just me wanting to tinker to perfection.

    Driving wise - I've had this on the road for a year. I couldn't be more pleased with Drive-ability, Performance and Fuel economy. The DI is the perfect choice for a Series (if you are not a purist - but, at least it's a Landie motor). I had it up at the Robesonia Trial last Spring and had a blast - it idled up the hills in low range with tons of torque and climbing over obstacles required a very light touch on the throttle. On road, it holds 65mph in overdrive on an incline with no issues ....and fuel economy, I stopped tracking after my 10th tank of fuel. My 10 samples ranged from 28-31 mpg - no kidding.
    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    Sounds like the DI conversion is a winner in a Series! That mileage is fantastic. If/when I get a Series I'll have to seriously consider this. The vibrations aren't a surprise - my diesel has unearthed few vibes in my car too now.
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