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Thread: 200Di conversion in my 88 - got her started today!

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    Default 200Di conversion in my 88 - got her started today!

    I took my '88 off the road in November for a diesel conversion ...and ... decided to rebuild the tranny while it was out ...and the firewall needed some attention ...and ... you know the drill.

    I still have to get the seat bench, floorboards, etc. back in. A few pictures attached ...everything fit into the engine bay nicely (no un-natural acts!). Thinking about adding a veggie tank, but need to get her back on the road first. These things take a lot longer than you think up front when you have to tackle them in 2 hour increments btwn the kids soccer, ballet, etc ion the weekends!

    Steve B.
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    Steve, That's real awsome!
    Mudrat Mike

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    That just looks so right! I'm in need of a 200 and a 300, got any leads?

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    That really does look like a thing of beauty. Nice job!
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    Hey Steve -- that makes me want to steal your truck even more!
    "QQ Rover" -- 1962 Series IIa 88"

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    Haaa - If you had stopped by my garage in early January when I was dealing with seized thermostat-to-head bolts ...I just may have turned my head and let you steal her!

    I hope to get her on the road for a test drive in 2 weeks - very eager to see how it performs.

    I ended-up replacing the new Series motor mounts I had installed with Defender mounts after having all the fillings rattled out of my teeth last weekend. The motor idled smoothly and was not visibly shaking/vibrating at all ...but the vibration transfer to the chasis was something! The larger and softer mounts made a big difference.

    Just buttoning things up now.

    Steve B.
    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    2 questions for you:

    1. Was the title's absence of a "T" intentional? Is this a TDI or no turbo?

    2. Does this motor mount straight to the Series transmission? I also heard that no frame modification is necessary?

    I have heard a 200tdi can bolt right to the existing frame mounts with no mods. I would love to have a tdi in my Series.
    '59 SII

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    No typo - I went back and forth on the choice. It's a non-turbo. Why?

    Goals -
    1) I wanted to convert to a diesel .. and wanted to stick with a rover diesel and not get into a major hack job to the drive train, frame, etc.
    2) Wanted to stop saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ...I know I can ..." with my 7 year old son on every hill.

    #(2) knocked out the 2.25 and 2.5NA diesels. I ran a cross a few 2.5TDs, but wasn't comfortable they'd be worth the time-effort investment given the sketchy history. I liked the TDI200 Option <who doesn't> ... but finding a TDI200 of Defender origin is tough and $$$. Finding one from a Disco is easier/cheaper ....but, the Turbo plumbing doesn't fit.

    I ran across some resources that discussed the 200Di option and thought it was an interesting choice. It hit's my goals, was cheaper and gives me an option to upgrade to a TDI should I not be happy with the power (Oh Joy, another potential project).

    The 200Di is projected to have the same HP as a fresh Petrol with 30+ % more torque for those long uphill grades on the highway ... and give about 30 mpg. Additionally, the power rating lines up for compatibility with the original gearbox/transfer case and axles. The TDI200 would stress them a bit more ..and lead to my next set of projects, torrel brakes, etc.

    In terms of your second question.

    The bell housing lined up nicely to the Gearbox. The only issue I had was that two of the studs (at roughly the 4 and 8 O'clock position) did not line-up. The bell housing casting had two holes next to those studs that did line-up ... I simply had to tap those two holes in the bell housing and move two studs ...and wallah, they mated up with Zero other mods ... stock 200TDi clutch, pressure plate and pilot bearing.

    Motor mounts - I unbolted the steel mounting points from my 2.25 case and bolted them onto the 200 - straight fit. Everything lined-up with the mounting points on the frame - zero mods with stock Series motor mounts. Per my last posting - those didn't cut it. I bought a set of Defender V8 Mounts (bigger diameter and softer rubber) ... i Had to 'adjust' them with my angle grinder to make them fit ...minor work at best ..and made a huge difference.
    '73 SIII 88 Pick-up

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    Now from somebody who doesn't know the difference, me, is a 200Di the same motor as a 200TDI with the turbo removed? Is the compression ratio the same on both engines? Not sure what donor vehicle a 200Di comes from. I know the Series had a small na Diesel (2.25?) and that there was a 2.5 T and nonT engine and then the 200TDI and 300TDI then the TD5 but after that it gets a bit blurry for me.

    I've always wanted to get a MOT failure 96 Disco LH Drive with the TDI engine and automatic and park it side by side with mine and have a swapping party. Should be easy enough to rivet that VIN plate back on once the windshield is out.....
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